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<<International Seminar>>Illegal Logging and Promotion of Legal Timber Trade(Jan. 16, 2016)

I attended the seminar on Illegal Logging and Promotion of Legal Timber Trade organized by the Netherlands Embassy at Diet Members' Office Building when the Minister of Economy visited Japan. It interested parliamentarians from two major political parties; Liberal Democratic Party and Democratic Party of Japan, who consider developing legislation of illegal logging.

Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and international framework of forest(Jan. 16, 2016)

On 5th of October 2015, 12 negotiating countries of Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) announced that the agreement has been concluded after the chief negotiators meeting.

[Green Trade]

Minato Model Carbon Dioxide Fixation Certification System(Jan. 25, 2015)

Since October 2011, Minato City Office has operated the Minato Model Carbon Dioxide Fixation Certification System, which is aimed to promote the use of domestic lumbers for buildings. The purpose of this system is to contribute to the prevention of global warming by promoting an increase in the amount of CO2 fixation in the city through the use of domestic lumbers for buildings constructed in the city, as well as an increase in CO2 absorption volume through the promotion of domestic forest improvement.

Outline of the system(pdf)

[ Illegal logging issue ]

Cooperation with green consumers toward demand expansion of sustainable timber products – WFC2015 Side Event (Oct. 16, 2015)

World Forestry Congress was held in Durban, South Africa from 7 to 11 September 2015. In the afternoon of 11 Sept, my side event ''Cooperation with green consumers toward demand expansion of sustainable timber products'' was organized as planned.

MAFF to cope with illegal logging (February 11, 2001)

February 13 Asahi Shinbun newspaper carried the news that the Ministry of agriculture forestry and fisheries starts examination on controlling the importation of illegally logged timber. Previous day, the deputy minister of MAFF briefed a news conference about it.

Resources on illegal logging

Russia : friend of the earth Japan

[ WTO next round ]

Commentary: The Next WTO Round and the Position of Forestry Sector (January 1, 2003)

My conclusion from two internationally-accepted beliefs
(Translated from article submitted to Nihon no Shinrin wo Kangaeru (Japanese forestry magazine), Issue #10, 19 October 2001)

Japanese Government's Position on Forest Product Trade issues in the next round of trade negotiation of WTO

Preparations for the 1999 Ministerial Conference Negotiations on Forestry and Fishery products Communication from Japan

Japan's Basic Position on the WTO Negotiations for Forestry and Fishery Products (April 11, 2001)
Japan's Approach concerning the framework for negotiations

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