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New Developments for Forest Certification in Japan (May 1, 2003)

According to the FAO's "State of the World's Forests 2001," certified forests covered more than 80 million hectares worldwide in December 2000, or about 2.1 percent of the world forest area.

The "Forest Certification Update for the UNECE Region," released by the UN Economic Commission for Europe in the summer of 2002, estimated that the forest area under third party certification is 113 million hectares.

Large regional differences are evident, however, and according to the FAO, the Asian region has the lowest proportion of certified forests.

The FAO data stated above listed only 3,000 hectares for Japan (although it had risen to 7,500 hectares by January 2002.)

Recently, there have been two items of positive news for forest certification in Japan.

Two more Japanese forests are added to the FSC certified list
(December 11, 2001)

Forests managed by Asahi Breweries Ltd. CO Forest Office, and that by Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology were certified by certification bodies accredited by FSC recently.


Certification in Japanese Forest (December 11, 2000)

Presently, two forest managements in Japan, covering over 3300 ha have been certified under FSC system.


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