Amendment of the Act for Promotion of Use of Wood in Public Buildings etc(Apr. 27, 2022)

In Japan, the Act for the Promotion of the Use of Wood in Public Buildings, etc. was enacted in 2010, and a bill to amend this act was enacted in 2021.

The title of the bill is "Act on the Promotion of the Use of Wood in Buildings, etc. to Contribute to the Realization of a Decarbonized Society". The act now includes the concept of a de-carbonized society.

The left figure clarifies the key points of the new act.

The yellow areas are the new provisions of the act.

The scope of the law has been expanded to include buildings other than public buildings

Establishment of a government task force to promote the act, including many ministers.

Establishment of an agreement system involving building professionals, local governments, etc.

English translation of the text is underway and will be posted in this page when completed.


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