PM Abe promotes Green Fundraising Campaign at G7 summit(April 20, 2020)

On April 16 (Thurs), from 9:30 p.m. for approximately 80 minutes, Prime Minister of Japan ABE Shinzo attended the G7 Summit Video Teleconference Meeting concerning the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The picture on the left: Japanese Prime Minister Abe attending the teleconference. A green feather pin attached to his lapel is a symbol of the Green Fundraising Campaign, which supports voluntary actions for forest conservation and maintenance in Japan.

I would like to further explain the forest conservation and maintenance campaign that have shown on the world stage.

A green feather as a symbol determined by the law concerning the promotion of forest maintenance and improvement by public partnership through bringing public interest into practical action. During the spring campaign period, from April 15th to May 15th, Prime Minister Abe and the Diet members put on green feathers for this fundraising campaign.

Green Fund raises about $ 20 million each year.

Here is the link to invitation to the Green Fund by the implementing body, The National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization.

The organization describes its activities as follows;

"We solicit goodwill donations from companies, municipalities, schools and workplaces. Through forest volunteers, NPOs and other organizations, we engage in various initiatives to improve forest and human resources in Japan and overseas."

"In addition to domestic forest maintenance such as tree planting and thinning, it is also used for supporting restoration from the earthquake, forest environmental education for children who will take over the resource in the future, and overseas greening support."

(G policy>GF&PMAbe)


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