Prospectus ( June 11, 2007 )

Purpose of the Forum;

Recent forest policy issues such as measures towards illegal harvesting and sustainable management of forests make it necessary  for Japan’s forest policy to have more global viewpoints, and policy planning needs more flexibility based on the cooperation with other sectors like environment and building construction or communication with citizens concerned of both in and out side of Japan. 

To cope with this issue, for the purpose of empowering the ability of disseminating information and communication in English, the international language, on the current situation of Japan’s forest and related policies, a forum is proposed in which forest policy planners, those engaged in forest industries, researchers, diplomats in Japan and citizens interested in forest policy will gather, discuss current situation and future prospects of policy on Japan’s forest, environment, forestry, wood industries, and will disseminate the information.

Members of the Forum;

Wide participation from the following list is encouraged: officers in charge of forest, environment and forestry policy planning in the offices of Japan’s central government, independent administration organizations and local governments, researchers on policy in this sector at universities and research institutes, those engaged in forest and related industries like forest owners’ associations, pulp & paper industries, wood industries, designing of construction, resources and energy industries, diplomats in charge of this sector at the embassies in Japan, and other citizens interested in this issue.

Promoters (Proposed) (Alphabet Order);

Machiko Fuji (Children’s Story Writer), Tom Jackson (First Secretary, British Embassy), Daisaburo Kuroda (Deputy Director General, Nature Conservation Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, Ladd McDaniel (Japan Director, American Forestry and Paper Association), Shin Nagata (Professor, Tokyo University), Fusho Ozawa (President, Japan Overseas Forestry Consultants Association), Taisuke Shimada (Deputy Director-General, Forestry Administration Department, Forestry Agency, MAFF) Susumu Takahashi (Professor Kyoei University), Masanori Tanaka (Former Team Leader of Pantabangan Forest Management Project、JICA), Toshiyuki Tsuchiya (Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology), Mitsuo Usuki  (Professor, Toyo University), Stephen Wixom (Agricultural Attaché, US Embassy)

Method of Activities (for the time being);

First inauguration meeting will be held on 9th June, and basically, a meeting will be organized in the morning to the afternoon on  th Saturday once in two months. 

In the meeting two or three presenters will make a report and after that free discussion will be made.

The contents of the report and the discussion will be disseminated on the internet.

Japan Forest Information Review

Japan’s Forest Policy Forum
Inauguration session

11:00 to 15:00, Satutday, June 9, 2007  
Yoyoginomori Forest Study Room, #101 Lions mansion Yoyogi, 3-1-7 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
11:00 - Introduction
Opening Remarks (Dr. F.Ozawa)
The Outline and course of setting up of the forum (Mr. T.Tanaka)
Self introduction of participants
12:30 -   Lunch Brake
13:00  -   Possible program of the first year
14:00  -  First session
The outcome of UNFF 7 and its policy implications (Mr. K.Shimizu)

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