The Sixth Meeting of JFPF, May 10th, 2008
The sixth meeting of "Japan's Forest Policy Forum" was held on May 10th at "Shinrin Juku (Forest Study Room)" in Yoyogi, Tokyo with participants of 6 people.

11:00 Opening Remarks (Dr. F. Ozawa)
Progress from the fifth meeting and outline of the Forum (Mr. T. Tanaka) text
11:30 Introduction to the Japan’s Forest by Dr. F. Ozawa
Introduction to the Model forest Initiative 
-Progress of the Kyoto Model Forest Initiative
12:30 Lunch Brake
13:00 Today’s Topics
Who save Japanese Forest?
    & What do we expect for children?
――Let them enjoy study on forest!――
(Ms. Machiko Fuji, Children's Story Writer)

Report by Mr. M. Segawa

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