The First Meeting of JFPF, June 9, 2007
The inauguration meeting of "Japan's Forest Policy Forum" was held on June 9th at "Shinrin Juku (Forest Study Room)" in Yoyogi, Tokyo with participants of 10 people.

First, Dr. Ozawa, former Director-General of Forestry Agency, who is the first advocator of this forum, made a short address.
He referred to his experience in the Earth Summit held in 1992 in Brazil. At that time, he noticed the importance of English as a tool of communication with many participants of the congress. He mentioned that this forum was a good chance to improve communication ability in English, and he hoped that this forum would develop and offer good opportunities to discuss forest and environment issues among many Japanese participants including common citizens as well as government officers and university people.

Second, Mr. Tanaka, former Team Leader of Pantabangan Forest Management Project in the Philippines made a briefing on the background of this forum.

Mr. Tanaka, who had been involved in development process of the Forum, told the gthe Outline and course of setting up of the forumh as follows. Dr. Ozawa had suggested him to organize an NPO (non profit organization) or a place like a salon which provides meetings to talk about forests in English so that participants would become interested in forests and also improve their English. Mr. Tanaka said that he preferred to call this meeting a "salon" to discuss more common and soft topics rather than to discuss difficult and professional issues at the so called "forum".

After this, each participant made self-introduction as following order.
- Mr. Wixon of American Embassy, Mr. McDaniel of American Forest and Paper Association
Ms. Ayuko Ozawa, Mr. England, teaches English in high schools Japan. Mr. Usuki Professor of Toyo University.
Mr. Shimizu, Head of International Cooperation Office, Forestry Agency, Dr. Fujiwara of Japan Federation of Wood Industries

Mr. Shimizu of Forestry Agency reported as the example of the presentation. His topic was on the result of UNFF7 (United Nations Forum on Forests) meeting.

He explained about the background and the history of the past discussions on forests in the international community in 1980s and after UNCED (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development) in 1992. To overcome the issue of rapid deforestation in the world, and to aim at the sustainable use of natural resources, at the UNCED, Rio Forest Principles in the "Agenda21 (Rio Declaration on Environment and Development)" were adopted and follow-up meetings on forests were organized since then continuously. Last year (2006) in UNFF6 "Global Objectives on Forests" was agreed and this year in UNFF7 "Non-legally Binding Instruments on All Types of Forests" and "Mutli-Year Programme of Work" were agreed. He explained briefly the implications of these agreements on Japan's forest policy and his comments on the "challenge we are facing".

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The Proceedings of the First meeting of gJapanfs Forest Policy Forumh
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